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Every bride wants to make a picture in her mind about how it's supposed to be her ideal wedding, especially if it will take place this summer. But to discuss all the details of flowers, arrangements for the reception, the Church, table and seat covers is a lot of work. We know that you have all the attention focused on the wedding attire and other details now, that's why I will help you with some ideas about colors and flowers for you summer wedding.

Flowers and colors for your summer wedding

Summer is the season with the most weddings. That's why you have to be very precise and organized when you organize your wedding and especially when you choose flowers for decorations and arrangements for the ceremony. This warm weather can be on your side because it is abundant with colors and varieties of flowers, but you can meet some disadvantages:flowers dry faster and wilt from the heat.

That's why you need to know as early as possible what kind of flowers do you want to buy, for bouquets and wedding arrangements. To save money they should be comprised of seasonal flowers .

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The flowers for your wedding arrangements and bouquets can be used on their own, or you can combine colors, summer palettes like purple, lilac and fresh green.

The romantic wedding

Pink is the color of love and romance, giving a natural look to the wedding flowers. If you are planning traditional wedding flowers, roses are best suited. Roses are fresh and you will find them during the summer.

For a romantic theme, you can choose to combine pink roses with white lilies and ferns. But just as well, for a bride would be very romantic to have pink hibiscus flowers in combination with jasmine, which is perfumed and can be very suitable for your style. A bridal bouquet of pink and white peonies will flatter the freshness and delicacy.
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The tropical wedding

Stronger colors such as orange, red, green and white will give a tropical 
look. Other tropical flowers which you can use to make wedding floral arrangements are flamboyant, hibiscus orchids or chrysanthemums, freesias. But let's not forget the flower representing the summer season: sunflowers. From its large flowers, combined with exotic fruits or wheat spikes can make a theme of floral decorations of traditional or exotic wedding. It is also the only flower that holds up well to high temperatures.

Here is a list of flowers you can include in your floral arrangements and bouquets:

Alstromeria -also
known as Peruvian Lily is available in fresh colors: yellow, mauve and violet. They are beautiful flowers that can achieve an exotic theme.

- Colors vary from white, red, yellow, purple, pink and orange.

Forget-me-not - is a beautiful bright blue flower that can provide wonderful floral arrangements.

- it is a rich flower and comes
in a variety of beautiful colors such as yellow, pink and orange.

Poppies - with its flowers of a brilliant red, although it is very difficult to maintain it fresh, you can achieve original flower arrangements.

Hibiscus flowers-these flowers will add a tropical touch to the ceremony.

- traditional wedding flowers available in many colors, some not so traditional. So it is important not to use more than two colors or shades in arrangements,if you choose the roses.

Orchids - tropical flowers are available in many exotic colors including white, pink and purple. A wonderful choice for a wedding on the beach.

Lilies - gorgeous flowers available in a range of striking colors. You can choose from white, pink, lavender, red, yellow, Orange and even more.
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