Undying white : floral arrangements for your wedding

White is a great color for wedding decorations since it brings so many sensations in one place ... Sincerely, expansiveness, robustness, purity and also peace, reconciliation, sobriety. White is a traditional color for weddings and can be incorporated easily into any arrangement or decoration. We offer ideas for wedding decorations in white.

For a white wedding theme you have a lot of possibilities in making flower arrangements: wedding bouquets  or bridesmaids bracelets bouquets, wedding candles, pillars of the church, restaurant and decorations of the dining arrangements.

White Wedding Flowers: anemone, iris, gladioli, jerbera, freesia, white carnations, peonies, callas, roses, lilies, lily imperial orchids, tulips, Madagascar jasmine, Clover, hydrangeas, ivy, lilac.

Using these wedding flowers with different shades of white can make an elegant style. Whether you choose a single type of flower or opt for different combinations, let your imagination work. White can be combined with any other detail in any other color. You can go for traditional wedding flower arrangements made ​​of white roses in combination with plant-green or darker green. But if you want to get out of banal sphere and add extra style to your white wedding theme, lilies, orchids, gladioli and iris are also very handy for a modern wedding theme. Some flowers even have natural color spots (pink, cream, blue, green, yellow), with which you can create a chromatic dissonance, giving even more value to the white wedding theme.
White wedding bouquets
The shape And content of the bridal bouquet of flowers is chosen to matCh your personality and wedding dress. Thus, for a romantic wedding it would Suit you delicate flowers: iris, lilies, lilacs included in a bridal bouquet, round or shaped waterfall. You can add romantic accessories: strings of pink beads , orange fad, or white or silver. You can use lace, chiffon or shiny satin to dress the white wedding bouquet. For daring brides, add a splash of color using strong colors: black, burgundy, etc.. a bridal bouquet made ​​up exclusively of white flowers.

White boutonnieres for your wedding
Over the years boutonnieres have undergone many innovations. After a long period in which they were held  of artificial flowers , boutonnieres have returned to the scene of natural colors combined with lush materials: satin, chiffon, taffeta. You can achieve elegant and stylish boutonnieres using pearl or silver pins. Peacock feathers  remain the attention of fashion designers, so you can use one accessory that gives a modern touch to the white wedding theme.

White bridal bouquets or bracelets for the bridesmaids

Bridesmaids bracelets can also be created using several combinations of materials, jewelry or flowers. You can create bracelets and use tulle or simple bracelets and attach flowers, feathers, beads and other decorative plants.

Floral arrangements gallery

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